I’m Trent Harrison. I live in Jax FL, where I do my best to make people healthier.

I've always been captivated by the intricate workings of the human body and the science of movement. From my early days shooting hoops on the basketball court in south Florida to studying martial arts and globe trotting as a young adult, my journey has been driven by a relentless curiosity about functional movement and well-being.

As a seasoned physical therapist, I've had the privilege of treating a myriad of wonderful people with orthopaedic conditions. But my passion for healthcare extends beyond the treatment room; it's deeply ingrained in my role as an educator. For years, I've been mentoring aspiring physical therapists through fellowship and orthopaedic residencies, instilling in them the same dedication to patient care that drives me.

My professional mission is now twofold: to provide compassionate care to my patients and to empower therapists through innovative education. You can explore the different ways I've tried to itegrate technology and learning in the projects section

Outside of my professional pursuits, I am an avid board game player, weekend warrior, and very very amateur musician who also enjoys traveling. Anything that merges strategy and camaraderie will peak my interest. I also am a junky for productivity and self-help books that are geared towards the pursuit of happiness and wellness.

Now, as a father of two young daughters, my family is at the center of my little universe. Having children has made me a more compassionate human being, and I believe has influenced how I understand and approach education. I feel that in every aspect of my life, whether clinical, classroom, with family, or around the gaming table, I'm driven to inspire others to reach their fullest potential, physically, mentally, and professionally.